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tv   Tucker Carlson Originals Patriot Purge Part 3  META  November 3, 2021 9:00am-9:20am PDT

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the left is hunting the right. hunting the right. hunting them across the country. dragging them to dc in the middle of the night. sticking them in the gulag. sticking them in guantanamo bay for american citizens. leaving them there to rot. today we take an essential step in defeating terrorism. while protecting the constitutional rights of all americans. it's now the law of the land that the military can arrest american citizens. hold them indefinitely, without charges or trial. the patriot act. that is a decision made in fear. now that surveillance apparatus, the nsa, the fbi, the doj is turning inside, inside of united states. our presidents can
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now order assassinations, including american citizens. there is a split second where you don't remember your child is dead, and you sort of have to relive it every single day. because of january 6th, we must now use law enforcement and military force to arrest, imprison, and otherwise crush, anyone who leads opposition to joe biden's government. we are living through the transformation of a formerly democratic republic into something else. you don't do that, that's not america. that the gulag. and in this country, we don't shoot protesters. are anonymous federal agents now allowed to kill unarmed women who protest the regime? that's okay now? tell us who shot her? why as a mother and a husband, we don't have the right to know who killed my child, his wife? in 2001, cofer black, then the head of counter terrorism at the
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cia, said this. after 9/11, the gloves come off. now, 20 years later, those same ungloved hands that tortured and killed suspected foreign terrorists, have been unshackled on behalf of a political party here at home. suddenly the united states of america has political prisoners. american citizens. some of whom committed no violence whatsoever on january 6th, remain rotting in pretrial detention in one of the worst jails in the country. many of them have endured horrific abuse, but their stories are rarely told. they are the face of america's second war on terror, the domestic edition. i'm absolutely a political prisoner. what else could i be? my name is richard "bigo" barnett. i live here in gravette, arkansas. do you love america? do i love america? does a a bear shit in the woods? remember this guy who put his feet on nancy pelosi's desk?
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you evidently do. here you go, stephen colbert. this is going viral on the internet. you may have seen this. acting attorney general of the united states says the shocking images of mr. barnett was repulsive. my client was not violent that day. he's carrying a stun gun. my client showed up to protest, that does not equivocate to an attack on democracy. joseph mcbride is one of the rare attorneys in this country willing to represent defendants arrested for the events of january 6th. i became an attorney because my brother anthony was wrongfully convicted of a crime that he absolutely did not commit. he's diagnosed a bipolar schizophrenic. he was tricked into signing a plea negotiation that was not in his best interest. i thought about the inadequacy of his lawyer and i said, well, i can become
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a lawyer. before starting his own firm, mcbride worked as a defense attorney with the liberal innocence project exonerating the wrongly convicted with dna evidence. if my firm and my team are stepping up and stepping to a case, it's because we believe in it. you've submitted an exhibit to the court of video taken from richard's phone. he's being pushed in. clearly, he's being swept in along with many other people against his will. involuntary entry is an absolute defense to trespass. but people cross over the threshold of the capitol, and in some cases, it's not until twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty minutes later that they're even told to leave. on top of that, you had multiple instances where the doors have been open. that's an invitation.
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capitol officers have been talking to people say, hey, listen, just don't break the furniture here. just be peaceful and go. that's permission. he ends up in speaker pelosi's office. he walks in there. the doors had been open long before. there are 2 reporters. he's informed to where he's at. he goes, well, how about that? i'll paraphrase. and then the reporter says, want to take a picture? richard says sure. has a seat at the dusk. he sits down at the desk. the reporter says, don't pose, act natural. richard sits back, takes a picture, puts his feet upon the desk, and the rest is history. richard barnett has been slandered in the media as a violent extremist, based on a photograph stage managed by journalists. the biden administration meanwhile, describes barnett as quote,
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a tier one domestic terrorist and a ticking time bomb. why? because barnett used an in operable stun gun with the batteries removed as a walking stick. for this, barnett faces 11 years in prison. he has already endured four months of pretrial detention. the dc facility where january 6'ers are being held is guantanamo bay for american citizens. guantanamo bay is a place where terrorists are sent, pretrial, absent due process. to be held, interrogated, abused by the government until they crack and give us what we want. but now they're doing it to us. now you have a group of people who went to exercise their constitutional rights on january 6th, who are being held, absent due process, in a federal prison, for undetermined period of time. they're being held under egregious
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conditions. i was incarcerated at first in a special unit. and the first thing i noticed about it was, it was full of black mold. and even in the drinking water that came out of your sink, you see the black mold down in there. and then you punished them by letting the guards physically assault them. brian samsel. two guards snuck into his cell in the middle of the night. ziptied his hands behind his back. they pulled him out a cell, took him down to the end, where were the camera showing. he followed instructions. they proceeded to beat the man to the point he now i've lost sight in one eye. and when i woke up the next morning, another friend of mine said, hey brian's in trouble, go down to his cell and check on him. i went down there, got him to turn around, in his whole face looked like hamburger meat. a people are being tortured. they actually took me to general population, all chained up. torture. are you ok with people being tortured? i had inmates want to stab me. tell me they're
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going to kill me. one of the guards, at one point, even threatened to come here and harm my wife. you should hold yourself accountable for what you're saying right now. i was physically abused. i've been slammed face first on the concrete. i'm not saying this for pity. i'm a strong man, y'all didn't hurt me. god did not hurt me. he did not hurt my spirit. i love my country. pretrial, absent any finding of fact. pretrial. they're being held for hundreds of days in solitary confinement. they're being beaten. they're being starved. they've been denied medical care. they're being denied, denied the right to worship. have the courage to speak out against it. the right to torture people is not the only power that washington handed itself during the first war on terror. federal agencies also decided they could assassinate american citizens they deemed hostile to the regime. at the time, some on the left raised questions about it. is that a precedent we want to live with, they asked.
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but they're not asking questions anymore. on january 6th, a capitol hill police officer, with a long history of reckless behavior, shot an unarmed protester, called ashli babbitt to death. no one in authority in washington said a word about it. even antifa took the side of law enforcement. when you're killing the right people, those with power will defend you. either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists. you are either with us, or you are with the terrorists, it is that clear. everybody knows breonna taylor. everybody knows george floyd. why don't they know ashli babbitt? sacramento, california. a remembrance ceremony is held in front of the state capital for slain january 6th
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protestor, ashli babbitt. in attendance are a 100 people. we need to all step up and make her name count. that is unacceptable. including micki babbitt, ashli's mother. also present is a group of violent left wing protesters celebrating ashli babbitt's death. ashli babbitt, all those who attacked the capitol, are terrorist because the fbi director said it was an act of terrorism. the mother of ashli babbitt. the mother of a domestic terrorist. i can't believe the way this country has demonized her. i want to know how she has been being labeled an
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insurrectionist, when nobody's been charged with insurrection. babbitt, and her fellow insurrectionists. ashli babbitt, an insurrectionist. the only insurrectionist to be killed at the insurrection. insurrection. insurrection. actually, babbitt was part of a group whose mission statement was to hang mike pence. my daughter was a true patriot. and to have her down as an insurrectionist is just not acceptable. she loved this country from, from the time she was a small child. she was kicking around the idea going in the military and then when 9/11 happened, that just strengthened her conviction. my wife's not a protestor. she is not and activist. she is not anything. she is a proud patriot american. veteran. that has more than once signed the blank check for her life, to go overseas and fight at the behest of the same people that is sitting in congress. and, there was nobody on this planet, as far
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as i'm concerned, that had more of a right to be there and to make people listen to her about what was going on in this country, that day. and she has been in horrible places. horrible places for many, many months and there were days when i was surprised not to get a call that something had happened to her. but on the 6th, i was at work and my daughter in law called me and it's still just disbelief. just. there aren't words. it was a bad day. just aren't words. you have to get from there to here. so you tell yourself, there has to be some mistake. this can't really be what happened. when you wake up in the morning. there's a split second where you don't remember your child is dead. and you sort of have to relive it every single day. every day.
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i'm walking to the capitol in a mob. there is estimated over three million people here today. the majority of the violence at the capitol started prior to president trump being done speaking. so my wife was not in that wave of violence. and it was amazing, you could see the president talk. she was down there watching her president talk. we are now walking down the inaugural path to the capitol building. that was the best day of her life. she died on the best day of life. there remains no evidence that ashli babbitt destroyed property, assaulted another person, or intended to use force of any kind against anyone. we don't know how she entered building. we do know she had her last conversation with journalist taylor hanson. the halls of the capitol were almost completely full. and she, you know, she was wandering over there on her cell phone and i talked to her just for
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a brief moment. she turned and i asked her why she was here. and she was, she said, what she said is, you know, she was here to defend the constitution and to stand up her country because she loves america. i mean, there were 3 officers guarding the door. and that's where zachary alam came in. he was the agitator in this situation. he was punching right over officers' shoulders. that's when the officers moved to the right. that's when ashli babbitt she hopped up. but she had both of her hands. all her weight was forward coming through the window. and that's when the officer took, he took a step forward and what seemed to be, execute her. she was 5 foot 2, 115 pounds. she was unarmed. and she was a protester. and in this country, we don't shoot protesters. terrell roberts is an
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attorney for the babbitt family. this shooting would violate any department's policies, prohibiting the use of deadly force. according to several witnesses on ashli babbitt's side of the hallway, the shooter, now identified as michael leroy byrd, gave no verbal warning before shooting. there was no verbal warning. the only warning was from john sullivan, screaming, gun. and the officer that shot her actually ran away afterwards. which, that is against every police protocol on the book, is if you shoot someone, you administer medical aid. ashli babbit presented no imminent threat to anyone. she was unarmed. she was surrounded by law enforcement officials in tactical gear with automatic weapons. yet the government automatically cleared michale byrd, without releasing the details of the investigation. on at least one occasion, michael byrd
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pointed his 40 caliber service pistol at fellow officers with his finger on the trigger. when i come from a family, a law enforcement, i've never seen something so gross like that before in my life. and i mean, thinking, i think about it every day. i truly do. i think about watching ashli babbit die. feeling hopeless, and not being able to help her. because when i was told that these professionals were supposed to help her, and then they watched the bleed out. and carried her down on the stairs upside down, like a dead dog. our second war on terror at its first confirmed kill. an unarmed american military veteran. at first you can't sleep enough to dream. but when i was finally able to sleep enough to dream, i had a dream about ashli, and she was in jail. and i was trying to get her to come with me, and she said she had to be there for those people. i hadn't, i need to be here for these people mom, because we're one. she is just as concerned about her fellow patriots as she is for herself. and i know i'm speaking in the present tense, but. she is still here. i feel her around me every day. every day. and i know that was
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a real message. i know it was. so we need to do something for the people we can still do something for. she feels that way. i feel that way. america should feel that way. the terrorists who brought down the world trade centers in 2001, explained why they did it. they describe the attacks of 9/11 as acts vengeance. blow back from our foreign policy decisions. decisions our government made in order to fight global terror. in other words, in the end, our war on terrorism caused more of it. that's clearly true, and we shouldn't be surprised to hear it. unintended consequences are the first rule of life. so you've got to wonder about the unintended effects of this second, newly declared, war on terror. the one being waged in our country right now. they're telling you that crushing the civil rights of american citizens is necessary. we
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have no choice if we want to live in a safer country. we must spy on our political opponents. must silence them. defame them. prevent them from having jobs. take away their bank accounts. throw them in solitary confinement. shoot them in the neck, if necessary. all of this, they're telling us, is the price of living in peace. democracy means declaring war on your own people. but they're wrong. these are lies. political oppression never works. tyranny doesn't extinguish extremism. tyranny creates extremism. they're pushing you toward violence, and they're doing it on purpose. but don't fall for it. tell the truth. rebuild the country. love your family and each other. be the light. that's how it gets better.
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